Motivated to Marry™
Table of Contents

Introduction to the Motivated to Marry™ Method 4
QUIZ 1: Are You Motivated To Marry™? 6
Preparing for Motivated To Marry™ Dating 8
Be Your Authentic Self 9
Your Internal Roadblocks 10
Your External Roadblocks 11
Attracting the Right Relationship with Confidence 12
First Impressions Count 13
Check In: How Are You Doing With The Motivated to Marry™ Method So Far? 14
Where to Meet Your Motivated to Marry™ Mate 15
The Real Scoop on Internet Dating 17
Success on a First Date: A Tips List 19
Why People Date and How to Detect Their Real Reasons 21
Characteristics of a Motivated to Marry™ Dater 23
People Date People They Trust 24
When to Bring Up The M Word 25
Ways to Express Caring and “Strong Like” 26
Is This The Right One? 27
QUIZ 2: Is Your Partner Motivated to Marry™ You? 29
Qualities of a Motivated to Marry™ Mate 31
How Your Age Affects Your Marriage Time Table 33
Helpful Relationship Tools 36
A Final Word 38
About Amy Schoen 40

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Motivated To Marry

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